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The Anatomy of a Financing

Where a personal introduction is not possible, the investor’s preferred method of being contacted should be determined.  In addition, attending local industry events where investors will be present (such as venture capital fairs) is a good way to introduce the business to potential investors o... read more.

Understanding Intellectual Property Rights

While most people involved in the technology industry have some knowledge of intellectual property rights, the extent of this knowledge varies widely.  Some will have heard of patents, copyrights and trade-marks, but have difficulty articulating the differences between them. Others may have a be... read more.


There is no legal requirement for shareholders to enter into a shareholder agreement, and it is possible for a corporation to be governed only by the applicable corporation statute, together with its articles of incorporation and by-laws. However, most shareholders find that this “default” scenar... read more.

From the Blog



Canada’s Anti-Spam Law – A Step by Step Guide on how it applies to Apps and Software

by Margot Patterson

Canada’s new anti-spam law targets more than just spam. CASL also targets malware, and it has a very broad reach. CASL prohibits installing a “computer program” – including an app, software, or other executable data – on a computer system (computer, device, network) unless the program is installed with consent and complies with disclosure requirements. The provisions in CASL related to the installation of computer programs are in force as of January 15, 2015...



Carrying on Business & Extra-Provincial Registration

by Alexandra Frederick

All Canadian businesses that are incorporated whether federally or provincially must complete an extra-provincial registration if they “carry on business” in a province other than the jurisdiction of incorporation. This means that even if your business is incorporated federally, it must be registered in the provinces in which it is considered to carry on business....



Financial Tools for Startups Brought to You by the CRA

by Alexandra Frederick

The Canadian Government partnered with Startup Canada to hold Startup Canada Day on the Hill on November 26, 2014. The Minister of National Revenue, the Honourable Kerry-Lynne D. Findlay, P.C., Q.C., M.P. highlighted the strategies that the CRA has implemented to assist Startups across the country. Startups have bright, innovative founder teams, but many lack the financial expertise, time, and money required to maintain adequate financial records that may seem insignificant in the short-term but that become important when attracting investors and in dealing with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA)....

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