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The Anatomy of a Financing

Where a personal introduction is not possible, the investor’s preferred method of being contacted should be determined.  In addition, attending local industry events where investors will be present (such as venture capital fairs) is a good way to introduce the business to potential investors o... read more.

Vesting and Buyback Rights

There are few things that create more resentment than the departure of a founder after only a short time with the corporation, who retains all of his or her shares and thus gets a “free-ride” on the efforts of those who stay behind.  For this reason, startups often institute a vesting s... read more.

Understanding Intellectual Property Rights

While most people involved in the technology industry have some knowledge of intellectual property rights, the extent of this knowledge varies widely.  Some will have heard of patents, copyrights and trade-marks, but have difficulty articulating the differences between them. Others may have a be... read more.

From the Blog



New Capital Raising Platform - TSX Private Markets To Help Private Companies Raise Money

by Andrea Johnson

In efforts to facilitate access to capital for emerging companies, the TMX Group has now launched TSX Private Markets, a new business designed to support efficient capital raising and secondary trading within Canada's exempt market. This new service is designed provide (1) enhanced access to capital for private and public issuers, and (2) exempt market liquidity for approved dealers and their accredited investors....



The Dangers of Unpaid Employment in a Start-Up Company

by Catherine Coulter

Unpaid internships were discussed in an April 8th posting in this blog and it is clear that most Ontario interns have to be paid. But what about employees in start-up companies? Can employers provide them with stock options, shareholdings or the promise of future payment in lieu of current payment of wages?...



FounderFuel Fall 2014 Demo Day

by Scott Rozansky

Dentons is a proud sponsor of the FounderFuel Demo Day, being held on Tuesday, December 2 at the Théâtre Rialto....

Read more from the blog...

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