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Vesting and Buyback Rights

There are few things that create more resentment than the departure of a founder after only a short time with the corporation, who retains all of his or her shares and thus gets a “free-ride” on the efforts of those who stay behind.  For this reason, startups often institute a vesting s... read more.


There is no legal requirement for shareholders to enter into a shareholder agreement, and it is possible for a corporation to be governed only by the applicable corporation statute, together with its articles of incorporation and by-laws. However, most shareholders find that this “default” scenar... read more.

Understanding Intellectual Property Rights

While most people involved in the technology industry have some knowledge of intellectual property rights, the extent of this knowledge varies widely.  Some will have heard of patents, copyrights and trade-marks, but have difficulty articulating the differences between them. Others may have a be... read more.

From the Blog



CVCA Annual Conference, Ottawa, May 20-22, 2014

by David Little

Dentons is a proud sponsor of the CVCA Annual Conference, the premier networking and professional development event for Canada's venture capital and private equity industry attracting over 600 industry professionals and influencers from across the country and around the world....



FounderFuel Spring 2014 Demo Day, Montreal, May 13

by David Little

Dentons is a proud sponsor of FounderFuel Demo Day, being held in Montreal on May 13, 2014 at the historic Théâtre Rialto....



Crowdfunding Alert: Ontario Securities Commission Releases Equity Crowdfunding Exemption Proposal

by Andre Garber

Following a lengthy consultation period and broad review, the Ontario Securities Commission (“OSC”) has unveiled a series of proposed prospectus exemptions aimed at growing small and medium-sized enterprises (“SMEs”). Among the exemptions that will facilitate new fundraising and innovation avenues for start-ups is a set of guidelines that would open the door to equity crowdfunding (the “Crowdfunding Exemption”)....

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